REO Professionals

An REO asset management company is only as good as its people. AMG’s people and processes are what set the organization apart. Our company’s recruiting, training and performance management and development programs allow AMG to tie employee performance to process expectations, client goals and service standards.

AMG assigns a dedicated team of REO asset management professionals to each client’s property portfolio. Each member of our team is familiar with all phases of the REO process. A typical team consists of:

  • Oversight Manager – responsible for oversight management and quality control
  • Operations Manager – responsible for client relations, performance and operational infrastructure
  • REO Supervisor – provides a single point of contact for the REO portfolio, asset management questions and reporting
  • Asset Managers – manage the daily processing, coordination and management of client’s REO assets
  • Team Administrator – provides reporting and administrative services

We take a proactive approach to employee development. Our managers review weekly activity reports to evaluate staff productivity and performance. They meet with each of their team members biweekly for one-on-one discussions on work performance and personal and professional goals. The results speak for themselves; we consistently deliver above our clients’ expectations and requirements.

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